Russian Blue Kittens

You’ve found the perfect place to check for Upcoming Litter Announcements and any Kittens that we have Available. Just look through the information and if you’re interested in a kitten, then you can Contact Me or just proceed with the kitten application.

Parents: Xander and Frozen: Kittens Planned for Spring 2023

Frozen gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens on 05/24/2023. All kitten updates are currently posted to our social media accounts. Those on our waitlist will be contacted to reserve a kitten when they are 6 weeks old.

Parents: Xander and Theresa: Kittens Planned for Fall 2023

Kitten Announcements

The Russian Blue Kittens that we have on the ground are shown in the photos below, along with their statuses. If you are interested in one of the babies that you see here, then your first step is to Complete a Kitten Adoption Application.