Russian Blue Kittens In Idaho

Meowtain Sage Cattery is a small home based, TICA registered Cattery that is focused on Preservation breeding. Located in Rexburg, Idaho we focus on 100% European Champion bloodlines, healthy kittens, excellent temperaments, and characteristics of the best quality. Russian blues are amazing companions for all types of households. They are known for their stunning double-coated fur and brilliant green eyes. Take the once in a lifetime opportunity to bring one of our kittens home!

Raised Under Foot

My Russian Blue kittens are raised in my home where they can be exposed to human life to prepare them for their future families. They are socialized, handled, and loved from the day they are born. I believe in Quality over Quantity, which is why I produce only a few kittens each year. 

Health Guarantee

I am focused on giving you a once in a lifetime experience helping you choose a companion to cherish for many years to come. We breed under healthy and ethical practices, and offer a 1 year health guarantee.

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Personal Advice

If you are considering adding a Russian Blue kitten to your family, you probably have lots of questions. I am happy to give you all the answers I can. Communicate with me through text, email, video chat, or phone call and gain the confidence you need in working with me.

My name is Abigail and I love the intelligence, companionship, and beauty of the Russian Blue breed. I breed Russian Blue kittens with 100% European Champion bloodlines. My kittens are bred with a focus on being healthy, having good temperaments, and having characteristics of the best quality. 

About Russian Blues

Russian blues are stunning creatures with a blueish gray coat, pink toe beans, and vivid green eyes. They have a dense, velvety double-layered coat that is incredibly soft. This coat gives them a unique silvery shimmer. Russian blues are also known for their lean and muscular figures, triangular-shaped heads with pointed ears, and round eyes. 

If you have ever been around a Russian Blue you know they tend to be shy towards any strangers that come into their home. They are curious, calm, affectionate, smart, and playful. Russian Blues tend to form a strong bond with one person or family once they determine you are worthy of their affection. They are sensitive to human emotions, especially those of their human parent. They will come to snuggle to lift your spirits. The more you learn the more there is to love!

Meowtain Sage Russian blues have a typically quiet demeanor, but if you talk to them they will definitely develop a large vocabulary to communicate with you. They are loving, playful, and protective of children and other pets they are properly introduced to. Russian blues are intelligent and eager. They are willing to learn to go on walks with a harness, play in the bath or other water sources, and engage in some dog-like tendencies like fetch and tag. 

They are a naturally occurring breed which means they are not a cross between any 2 breeds and therefore are extremely healthy and rarely have genetic diseases. These cats are also known as the Archangel cats because they originated from the Russian port: Arkhangelsk. 

Are Russian Blues hypoallergenic?

There is some false information on the internet about Russian Blues being hypoallergenic. Russian Blues are very low shedding cat. They secrete low levels of Fel D1 which is the most common allergen in cats.

If you have any known allergies, please contact me before deciding to adopt a Kitten or submit an application.

Are You Interested In A Meowtain Sage Kitten?

I want to know that all of my kittens are going to the perfect, loving home. If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful Russian Blue kittens, fill out our application.

Meowtain Sage Cattery is proud to be a Certified King Pin Breeder.